⚠️ Important notes before contacting me…

You can reach out to me using the form on the right. Your input will be emailed to me. Which means it will go through the internet in a possibly unencrypted manner and land in an inbox hosted by a third party where it will reside until manual deletion.


πŸ” PGP Fingerprint and key

Click on the fingerprint to download the public key:


Don’t have PGP software like GPG or the skills? Use this browser version!

After encrypting the message, copy and paste the encrypted message into the contact form on the right. Note that the email attached to that key does not go anywhere, and if it does, it’s definitely not to me. So don’t bother trying.


I have stopped using XMPP. I have many devices and OMEMO key management is a pain, but I can live with that, however, I recently switched to iOS where XMPP with OMEMO is awfully unreliable and ChatSecure never fixed the issues I opened on GitHub which makes it unusable for me. If someone fixes those issues I might come back to XMPP (in particular allowing OMEMO key pinning after verifying keys).

Note that XMPP itself is alright, and Conversations on Android is great and if you’re using a decent server then it’s usable. Sadly, XMPP is not really a thing in the Apple world which is kind of funny considering XMPP was part of macOS itself for the longest time (you could add XMPP and AOL accounts to iMessage).

πŸ’¬ Matrix (Element)

I have stopped using Matrix long ago, however, it should be noted that I regularly go back to it to re-evaluate it as development progresses. I even have my own “home server”. The reason I don’t like Matrix is that it’s too slow and the protocol is too “web” (uses HTTP and many web technologies not meant to be used for this which causes overhead) rather than a real protocol. While you might not notice this when using it at home with a good connection, I can definitely painfully notice it when on a German mobile connection. Furthermore, I don’t appreciate that all messages are stored forever on servers even if encrypted (because meta-data). Now if you’re wondering why I’m concerned about meta-data and messages on the server if I host by myself: Federation. A copy of my messages remain on the recipient’s server too.

πŸ’¬ Signal

I’m actually moving away from Signal. The secure and “private” messenger is increasingly showing red flags. When asked to set up a 4-digit pin, what Signal actually does is encrypt some of your personal data with that pin and upload it to their servers. Now, a 4 digit pin is weak and can be cracked within seconds. Furthermore, phone numbers are a personally identifiable number and often you obtain such a number by getting registered with your provider with an ID, which means it’s not anonymous, and you can be targeted easily.

πŸ’¬ Threema

My fingerprint is 12FE 34EF B35A 4B07 6444 EE7B B39F F23C but my ID is not public. If you ask me nicely I might hand it out.

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πŸ“… Status

Contact details and fingerprints have been last updated at 2020-JULY-24