Contact Sindastra

Important notes before contacting me…

You can reach out to me using the form on the right. Your input will be emailed to me. Which means it will go through the internet in a possibly unencrypted manner and land in an inbox hosted by a third party where it will reside until manual deletion.


💬 Threema

Due to little use, I am not providing a public Threema ID for contact anymore. But my current fingerprint is 12FE 34EF B35A 4B07 6444 EE7B B39F F23C.

🔐 PGP Fingerprint and key

Don’t have PGP or the skills? Use this!


You can contact me using XMPP at [email protected] but be aware that I only accept chats encrypted with OMEMO. This is not an e-mail address!

🔑 OMEMO Fingerprints

📱 DFD6F386 7DED9FB9 722EC2CB 72223CD3 01CA8011 9E5EA1C7 0F34D787 F3EE2C5E
💻 BD69F731 3E677CDB 84E258E0 43D8EEEC A8FE771A FE68357E AC3D51C7 7D55A419

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