⚠️ Important notes before contacting me…

You can reach out to me using the form on the right. Your input will be emailed to me. Which means it will go through the internet in a possibly unencrypted manner and land in an inbox hosted by a third party where it will reside until manual deletion.

Please note that the hosting provider might scan the email for viruses which may or may not use “cloud” (which means it might be uploaded for scanning).

πŸ’¬ Signal

I’ve actually moved away from Signal. The secure and “private” messenger is increasingly showing red flags. When asked to set up a 4-digit pin, what Signal actually does is encrypt some of your personal data with that pin and upload it to their servers. Now, a 4 digit pin is weak and can be cracked within seconds.

Furthermore, phone numbers are a personally identifiable number and often you obtain such a number by getting registered with your provider with an ID, which means it’s not anonymous, and you can be targeted easily.

πŸ’¬ Threema

I have two Threema IDs, one personal and one as Sindastra.

While I won’t publish my personal ID on the web, I will share the fingerprints for both IDs here for manual verification:

SINDASTRA 7583 0b34 73e6 6dd1 6019 3d56 49c9 2343
PERSONAL 12fe 34ef b35a 4b07 6444 ee7b b39f f23c

My public Threema ID: https://threema.id/9KB4ECTR
Please note that I only check my public ID occasionally, so expect delays.

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πŸ“… Status

Contact details and fingerprints have been last updated at 2020-NOV-08