Auto-unlock encrypted Ubuntu

This guide is known to work with Ubuntu 18.04 and 20.04. You should be doing this setup as root, which is why I omitted sudo. The idea here is that we'll be copying the keyfile to the initramfs to automatically unlock the system drive, and once we want to destroy [...]

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How fast does your Linux system boot?

You can find out really easily with one simple command: systemd-analyze Which will output something like: Startup finished in 9.708s (firmware) + 3.692s (loader) + 46.909s (kernel) + 13.614s (userspace) = 1min 13.924s reached after 12.063s in userspace So as you can see, my laptop takes ages to boot. [...]

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Change Docker IP address easily

By default, Docker uses for its default docker0 interface, which can be problematic if your network or a network you want to reach is on the same subnet as Docker. I will show you how to change Docker's network in a jiffy! Requirements Available subnet to assign to DockerPermission [...]

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What are the default Pi-hole block lists?

It's handy to know, so here they are: To restore Pi-hole to the default blocking lists, just delete all the lists but these six five lists. Note: There used to be a sixth list, which is now dead so you can safely delete it: [...]

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Big block-lists for Pi-hole

I used to have huge collection of block-lists for my Pi-hole(s) but I was annoyed about all the false positives, and decided to reset to the default lists that come with it. That way, I had no more issues and it would still block ads. But this also meant tracking [...]

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