Build SpigotMC in Docker

I created a Docker image with a build script, ready to use! Pulling my image My Docker image is public on Docker Hub and thus can be pulled easily with the following command: docker pull sindastra/spigotmc-build Running it This will automatically run my build script, which will download the latest [...]

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Minecraft (SpigotMC) Server in Docker

Like the previous post, but better! So, if you read my previous post you should now know how to run a Minecraft server (vanilla) inside of Docker. The same thing is possible with SpigotMC but requires a slightly different command. The Command docker run --user 1001:1001 -tid -p 25565:25565 --name [...]

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Minecraft Server in Docker

Moving your existing server to Docker! This guide assumes you already have a Minecraft server set up on your host machine. We will simply be moving to Docker, while keeping our files in the host file system. If not done already, you can set up a Minecraft server as normal, [...]

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