I got rid of the PayPal donation button

I thought the PayPal donation button looks ugly and I think there were some privacy issues with it, too. So today I've set up Liberapay and Ko-fi as alternatives. The fun thing is that in the end, I'll be paid out with PayPal anyway. But this way, with a middle [...]

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W00t no more external requests!

This blog has been cleaned from external requests! What this means is, that no third party services are embedded or contacted any more for this blog. There is one exception though, for user submissions where comments are checked against an anti-spam service and the contact page uses reCAPTCHA to avoid [...]

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Ugh… PayPal tracking pixel?

I do care for the privacy and security of my readers, which is why I had to make a change... Remember my previous post about how I'll improve things further by - amongst others - self-host the PayPal donation button? I did that now, so that no request gets made [...]

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This site is graded A+ by ssllabs.com!

Just a quick update to let you know that I am awesome!And you are safe! A friend of mine, checked my score on ssllabs.com and congratulated me on an "A"... ...I didn't know I scored an "A", and was upset that it was just an "A"! But I was also [...]

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