Apple dropped GSM/EDGE (2G) for the new iPads

If you take a closer look at the iPad comparison page, you will notice that Apple dropped GSM/EDGE (2G) for the new (9th generation) iPad, and for the new (6th generation) iPad mini. The current iPad Air (4th generation), as well as the iPad Pro models, have 2G still. Considering [...]

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New AirPods Lineup for 2021 and 2022

New AirPods Lineup for 2021 Apple just announced the new AirPods Lineup for 2021 (and 2022, of course, since it's October now!). Before this announcement, Apple offered the second generation AirPods for $179, which are now down to $129 making it more affordable. In its place are now the third [...]

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New iOS 14 features from Apple’s WWDC

Here are some awesome "new" features Apple is introducing with iOS 14... I'm being a bit cynical for jokes, although I'm actually excited for some of those features. Home screen Widgets like Android had for yearsSorting of apps into categories like some Android launchers already can iMessages Pinning of iMessage [...]

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Apple will move Macs to their own silicon (ARM)!

There have been speculations about Macs moving to ARM but now it's official! Apple just announced it today at their WWDC! But don't worry, Apple still has Intel-based Macs in the pipeline, so they're not going away overnight! Apple expects the transition to take about 2 years. Rosetta 2 Back [...]

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