Increase the swapfile of your Raspberry Pi

If you're on a first generation Raspberry Pi you don't have much RAM, so it makes sense to increase the swapfile size to be able to do more with your Pi. I'll show you how! First, edit the file /etc/dphys-swapfile sudo nano /etc/dphys-swapfile Change the line: CONF_SWAPSIZE=100 To something like: [...]

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Pi-hole and

You might be using block lists by but you shouldn't! One of the default block lists that used to be included with Pi-hole was but this is not maintained anymore, which is why it's got excluded from the defaults. But that doesn't mean it will get automatically removed [...]

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A note on Pi-hole’s privacy levels and its settings

Or: How to enhance the privacy of your Pi-hole If you use a Pi-hole like I do, you probably care about privacy in some form. If you do, you should disable query logging and here's why. There are 5 privacy levels in Pi-Hole's FTL DNS, going from 0 (show everything) [...]

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