So, how to 2FA then?

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A quick update to -or continuation of- my previous post. FIDO U2F and FIDO2 FIDO U2F is a hardware-based second factor authentication which requires you to plug in a USB key (or NFC on phone) to authenticate against a website. It works on all major desktop browsers and does not [...]

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SMS 2FA is often less secure than no 2FA

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SMS 2FA: Two Factor Authentication by SMS.In many cases, it's better to not have 2FA than SMS 2FA. As a rule of thumb, don't ever hand out your mobile number to sites. The problem with SMS authentication SMS authentication is completely insecure, as has been proven multiple times in the [...]

Microsoft updated the Windows 7 ISO!

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Looking to restore an ancient machine, or run a VM to use old software, but you don't want to install tons of updates? Well, Microsoft released an updated Windows 7 ISO that includes all updates up to August 2018. This will make updating a lot easier and faster! Hashes 7601.24214.180801-1700.win7sp1_ldr_escrow_CLIENT_PROFESSIONAL_x64FRE_en-us.isoSHA256 [...]

How to download Windows XP Pro ISO with SP3 included (VLCD)

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Want a clean ISO to use in a VM,or restore an ancient machine,for offline, retro-use? Of course Windows XP is insecure to use, so only use it offline or in a VM.And yes you need to bring your own licence and do it all legitimately. Meet I love [...]

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How to download Windows 7 ISO directly from Microsoft for free

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Restoring an old computer to its glory, you have the CoA, but no install media? Read on! Meet Microsoft Windows & Office ISO Download Tool by This application generates links to download Windows 7 ISOs (and more) directly from Microsoft servers. How they do it? They buy licence keys [...]

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Quick update on Matomo and Do-Not-Track

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Uh oh... I don't like this! Remember how I said Matomo is great? Well it is, and I still recommend it! And I loved how Matomo respects the Do-Not-Track header from your browser... but what I don't like is its implementation. What's wrong? Well, Matomo does not only not track [...]

How to enable HSTS on Apache2

By |2020-01-31T12:17:54+01:00October 15th, 2019|Tech Support|

It's way too simple! HSTS further protects your HTTPS enabled website. Read on to figure out how enable it in Apache2 and also why you want it! Prerequisites HTTPS already working with legit certificate, no browser errorsApache mod_headers enabled Enabling mod_headers On a Debian based system, simply run: a2enmod headers [...]

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I got rid of the PayPal donation button

By |2019-10-14T18:33:40+02:00October 14th, 2019|Meta|

I thought the PayPal donation button looks ugly and I think there were some privacy issues with it, too. So today I've set up Liberapay and Ko-fi as alternatives. The fun thing is that in the end, I'll be paid out with PayPal anyway. But this way, with a middle [...]

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GitHub unlimited private repos?!

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Oh, wow! I missed it! Things change... Since the beginning of 2019, GitHub is offering unlimited private repos.Somehow I had missed it! I love GitHub, I use it since 2011 and I prefer it over other Git hosting sites but I never used it for private repos, as I didn't [...]

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Free, self-hosted alternative to Google Analytics? YES!

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MATOMO MATOMO MATOMO!Try saying that 10 times fast!You can! :D Matomo On-Premise! Matomo On-Premise is the self-hosted, free and open source version of Matomo. It's what I am using now on my blog here! And I love it! Take back control with Matomo Analytics – a powerful web analytics platform [...]

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