WoW Classic launched on 27th of August and it’s pretty good!

Shadowglen on release day being crowded
Shadowglen on release day

I’ve been playing since release and it’s been full ever since. You try to go kill a mob, but you can’t, because they’re all dead! It’s a slaughter fest and there are queues to kill mobs!

Talking about queues, this is what it often looked like shorty after release:

Long queue at login screen shortly after release
It’s been like this for quite some time after release, often taking longer than this

When it launched, there were just a handful of realms, and they were all pretty full. In the meantime, Blizzard has released some hot fixes that increase the amount of players that can be online per realm, but also more than doubled the number of available realms. I haven’t seen a queue since.

Purged Fargodeep Mines (tunnels)
Good luck getting a Kobold Miner! The tunnels have been purged.

It got so ridiculous, when I arrived at the quest to kill Vagash, he’s already been killed twice! Quite amusing, in a way:

Our group in front of the cave, to kill Vagash. Multiple times killed when we arrived.
Vagash was killed multiple times already when we arrived.

Walking, walking and more walking

There are always people walking around in the world, because WoW Classic is a replica of the original WoW, before flying was a thing, before there were flight paths everywhere and when normal “apprentice riding” required level 40. There are also no ships connecting Rut’theran with Stormwind Harbor, as there is no Stormind Harbor! You gotta walk, walk and walk. Sometimes tedious, but you never feel alone. If you get in trouble on the way, people will usually help you out in combat or heal you. Don’t forget to say /thanks!

Forced to be social, in a good way

People seem more social, and in a way, you have to be. Mobs are much stronger and killing takes more time. Often you can’t do a quest alone. You gotta get into a group to do it together, and if you’re not in a group, kills won’t be shared. The game forces you to be social, and that’s good in my opinion.

No brainless questing but more immersive

There are no quest markers on the map (unless you have an add-on) and you are forced to read the quests, carefully read how the NPC describes the location, and then study the map and the surroundings in the game to know where to go and what to do. It makes the whole experience more immersive and you suddenly realize “Oh there’s a story to all of this…” and everything is more rewarding and fun.


WoW Classic is a real game, and I can recommend it. You actually have to work to get somewhere, instead of pressing a single button to win.

I am playing on the realm Nethergarde-Keep, join me there!



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