I’ve been working on the site

Just a quick update. I restructured the site and been cleaning it up and getting the technicalities sorted out. I also improved the looks a little. The contact page is updated and out of maintenance. I also got rid of as much of externally loaded content as possible. Now everything [...]

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[UPDATED] Subscribe to my blog by email!

You can now subscribe to my blog by email, and get notified whenever I post a new article! Simply sign up using the form in the side bar. IMPORTANT UPDATE Turns out email subscription was not only handled by the plugin Jetpack but it also went through their servers. Overall [...]

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Privacy Policy and GDPR

I do care for privacy and security, so of course I had to create a privacy policy (and it's kind of required by the law... but I'm no lawyer)! Turns out WordPress is GDPR compliant since version 4.9.6 (I'm using a newer version, so it's compliant!) and it even includes [...]

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