How to get a custom onion address

You might have encountered websites with a pretty onion address that contains a human-readable prefix. I will show you how to get a custom onion address, using your GPU! Whats an onion address? An onion address can only be reached through Tor. It's like a domain name but which ends [...]

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Android without Google: LineageOS for microG

You might have heard of LineageOS (formerly CyanogenMod), but did you know about microG? Read on! The issue with Android and Google As you probably know, getting an Android phone these days means getting a phone full of Google services, deeply integrated into the system. Not only are these services [...]

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Self-Hosting Threema Web

If you use Threema, you probably know of the "Threema Web" feature.But did you know it's open source? So what's Threema Web? It's basically a web application, that connects with your phone and allows you to chat on your desktop through the browser. You can see all your chats in [...]

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