Just need a quick FREE Windows Virtual Machine?

Check out this official Microsoft site to get a free Windows virtual machine (VM)! Microsoft provides free windows virtual machines for developers to use, to develop for IE and Edge. And just to develop in general. Currently, you can choose between Windows 7, 8 and 10 VMs. All but Windows [...]

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Virtualization on Windows

Now that we covered virtualization on Mac, let's go over to Windows! Microsoft Hyper-V If you have Windows 10 Pro or better (includes Education and Enterprise), then you already have a native virtualization option on board! To enable it, simply open a PowerShell as administrator and type in following command: [...]

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Virtualization on Mac

Just a quick one to share some options on virtualization on Mac. VMware Fusion Pro Although paid software, this is what I recommend going for, especially if you want to virtualize an ancient OS. Unlike some alternatives VMware provides drivers even for some ancient guest OS, so you can run [...]

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