Does VMware Player or Workstation tell you that the Linux host 
does not support 3D acceleration and thus disables it?
I might have the answer...

“No 3D support is available from the host”

Nasty error message! But we might be able to get things to work!

First make sure you have direct rending enabled on Linux:

glxinfo | grep direct

If that indicates that direct rendering is enabled, verify that you can run 3D applications:


Works? So maybe VMware has your graphics driver blacklisted. And here’s how you can force VMware to use it anyway:

Simply edit:


And append at the end (or change the value): = "TRUE"

And restart your VMware Player or Workstation (or entire computer) and try again.

NOTE: In my case it froze the system on first try of starting the VM. After forcefully shutting down the system and trying again, it worked fine. I can now play games inside VMware Player with 3D acceleration enabled and no error messages.

In my case the host system is Ubuntu 18.04 HWE and the guest is Windows 10 1903 running on AMD Ryzen 7 PRO 2700U with Vega 10 graphics.

I hope this helped you. If this keeps freezing your computer, just remove the option from the preferences file again.