Real world Log4j hacks (Minecraft)

You probably heard of the Log4j vulnerability by now, and you probably know that (the original) Minecraft is written in Java, and so is the server, and it uses Log4j. So, Minecraft servers are affected by this. I do run a small Minecraft server network ( but I haven't had [...]

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YouTube is deleting your comments

Comments not found You might have heard by now that YouTube is deleting user comments, perhaps you commented on one of my videos and your comment disappeared unexectedly... Let me assure you, I have not deleted any comments at all so far. Background I started my YouTube channel about two [...]

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macOS Fix Zsh auto-completion and get more

Apple has delivered auto-completions for Zsh with the OS, but they seem to not be used... The Fix Edit ~/.zshrc with your favourite editor, like nano, and add the following two lines: autoload -Uz compinit compinit Now save, exit, close and reopen your terminal. Now your system utilities should have [...]

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macOS fix Zsh Home and End keys

When you're using macOS with bash, you can use the Home and End keys on your keyboard to jump to the beginning or end of the line you're on. But Apple switched from bash to Zsh with Catalina, and I noticed those keys don't work anymore. The Fix Edit ~/.zshrc [...]

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