Pi-hole recently released an update that tells Firefox to bypass DoH, and this might be undesirable. I have the solution!

Firefox basically checks for specific DNS records, and if found, will disable DNS over HTTPS. This can be useful if you’re on a corporate network and have DNS servers in your local network that resolve private domain names that would not be found on a public resolver.

In the Firefox documentation I found this:

If a user has chosen to manually enable DoH, the signal from the network will be ignored and the user’s preference will be honored.

– Firefox Support Page

I remember manually enabling DNS over HTTPS back before Firefox enabled it automatically through an update, and thus I was frustrated that Firefox did not honor my setting and also had no setting to bypass the network’s setting. But after I read that support page I had an idea:

You simply go to your options page and disable DNS over HTTPS manually, save the setting by clicking OK, and then enable it again and save by clicking OK.

This worked for me!

You can follow my guide on how to enable DNS over HTTPS manually here:

Simply follow that guide, but disable and then enable the setting once as stated above.

I hope this helped you!

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