I have been looking for APN settings for Vodafone.nl (prepaid) to be used with “surf sticks” or “internet sticks” or other cellular modems that are used to just surf. I did not find any current settings on the web as the things I found were outdated or for subscription- rather than prepaid-plans.

So, I remembered the details I copied from a mobile phone once but I still needed to know the number the modem needs to dial into, which is not a setting found on mobile phones. But it seems there are a few common dialing numbers and I simply tried one I believed to have used in the past, and it worked!

So, here are the APN settings for Vodafone.nl prepaid that worked with a cellular modem with LTE (4G) during roaming in Germany:

  • APN Name: live.vodafone.com
  • Username: vodafone
  • Password: vodafone
  • Dial number: *99#

These are the settings I had to enter in my router while having a Huawei E3372h connected to it (to be used as cellular backup in case the cable connection goes down) and it worked with LTE (4G) as it should!

That’s all there is to it! I hope this helped you out.