I was a bit annoyed that, looking at the official documentation there was no mention of a default username and password for the web interface for this camera. It seems that Ubiquiti expects you to use one of their NVRs or other form of controller machine, which will “adopt” the camera and allow you to set credentials. However, this camera does in fact, support standalone mode. Which is what I want to use, to connect it to my Synology NVR (which works well BTW).

While looking for the answer, you encounter many users looking for the same, posting in the forums, with different answers. After some trial an error, the credentials that worked for me, were:


That’s right, the default username is ubnt and the default password is ubnt.

Standalone Mode

After signing in, don’t forget to go to the “Configure” tab, and change “Mode” from “UniFi Video” to “Standalone” and then save the changes. It will prompt to reboot, do so. Then sign in again with the default credentials, verify that it now says “Standalone” by default and then go to the “System” tab and change the username and password to your liking.

That’s all there is to it! But of course, change the other settings to your liking too.

NTP Server and timezone

Pro-tip: Change NTP server and timezone (if needed) before an update. The latest update (4.30) breaks changing the NTP server and timezone through the web interface (although you can still set the NTP server through SSH, although an inconvenience). If you know how to set the timezone for this device through SSH, let me know!