I just saw that the GL.iNet SLATE has a new update available, namely version 3.203… I previously had 3.201 installed, which you can read about here.

The changelog in the device update panel for version 3.203 reads:

OpenWrt Distribution:

Based on OpenWrt 19.07.7  (AR150,MIFI,AR300M,USB150,N300,AR750,AR750S,X750,E750,X1200,XE300,MT300N-V2,MT1300,MV1000)

Based on QSDK11  (B1300,S1300,AP1300)


1. Fixed wolfSSL heap buffer overflow in RsaPad_PSS (CVE-2020-36177)

2. Fixed netifd and odhcp6c routing loop on IPv6 point to point links (CVE-2021-22161)

3. Fixed dnsmasq multiple vulnerabilities (CVE-2020-25681, CVE-2020-25682, CVE-2020-25683, CVE-2020-25684, CVE-2020-25685, CVE-2020-25686, CVE-2020-25687)

4. Fixed mac80211 FragAttacks(CVE-2020-24586,CVE-2020-24587,CVE-2020-24588,CVE-2020-26139,CVE-2020-26140,CVE-2020-26141,CVE-2020-26142,CVE-2020-26143,CVE-2020-26144,CVE-2020-26145,CVE-2020-26146,CVE-2020-26147)

5. Added times limit to password authentication

New features:

1. Supported IPv6 ( Internet, OpenVPN, WireGuard )

2. Supported WPA3 (AR150,MIFI,AR300M,USB150,N300,AR750,AR750S,X750,E750,X1200,XE300)

3. Supported deleting offline clients

4. Added warnings when uploading old version or three-party firmwares

5. Added 2.4G WIFI and LTE working channel interference automatic avoidance(MIFI,X750,E750,X1200,XE300)

6. Supported IGMP 

7. Supported DLNA

Hardware support:

1. Supported SPI nand GD5F1GQ5UEYIG


1. Optimized client statistics function

APP support:

1. Supported GL.iNet App

Cloud support:

1. Supported Rtty SSH Access

2. Supported Rtty HTTP Access

3. Supported Ping tool

4. Supported Traceroute tool

5. Supported RS485 tool(X300B)


1. Supported Russian

Important bug fix:

1. Fixed speed limit function failure in some models

2. Fixed tor initialization failure in some models

3. Fixed the problem that when turn off the AP in MT300N-V2, the repeater won't auto-reconnect.

4. Fixed the problem that when WireGuard's Allowed IPs are not set with global proxy address, router will be unable to access the internet. 

5. Fixed the problem that MT1300 can't access internet when using StrongVPN.

6. Fixed a BUG where the OpenVPN connection status was displayed incorrectly on the E750 LCD

7. Fixed XE300 modem manual settings always being overwritten when reboot 

8. Fixed DNS leakage when using OpenVPN and Wireguard

9. Fixed other known issues.

The interesting thing is, many of these features were already included in version 3.201 which is not listed on the website anymore.

It seems like version 3.203 is just a minor security update, but they merged it into one update and are just listing all changes at once.

If you remember my previous article here, you’ll know that with 3.201 they released a major update that bumps OpenWrt up to 19.07.7.

The funny thing is, OpenWrt released 19.07.8 just four days after this update (Aug 7th) fixing some of the same issues. GL.iNet was actually faster to fix things than upstream, it seems?

You can update to version 3.203 by logging in to the admin panel and clicking on upgrade on the left, or by doing a manual upgrade:

  • Update through web Admin Panel: gl-ar750s-3.203-0701.tar SHA256: 8dfe7535a8818939342e8bed87e17edd1cd411a4583c95c6f00e51c92937c8aa
  • Update through Uboot: gl-ar750s-3.203-0701.img SHA256: 1b56b10ca7282994aef5eef2a0412b9c0b8cd2741368789ddb0383fef1d257e6

I’m really glad that GL.iNet is still providing updates. This increases my trust in them.

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