When I originally started this blog, I wanted to avoid using Google AdSense, or any ads for that matter.

I hoped to get support from my readers to cover the costs of running this site.

I do get quite a bit of traffic nowadays, but not a single “coffee donation”. Of course, nowadays, everyone expects things to be for free. This usually works because every site simply shows ads, so you simply pay with your data instead. Of course, to be GDPR-compliant, I configured Google AdSense to not do tracking or personalized ads, but whether Google honors this, is another question (there’s also a consent banner, don’t worry).

So, I’m looking for long-term “patrons” or “sponsors” so that I can get rid of ads. But this will stay an independent blog. If you’re a corporation, thinking of investing to get something in return, you’re very wrong here. What I am looking for instead, are simply people who enjoy reading my blog, and would be fine with donating a cup of coffee every month, and I’d keep writing articles as I have been. Nothing more, nothing less.

On the internet, “a cup of coffee” seems to be understood as about 3 USD/EUR/CHF… And yes, coincidentally, these three currencies happen to have a similar value at the time I’m writing this. Although a cup of coffee in CH is closer to 5 CHF… :D

My preferred currency is actually CHF, then EUR, then USD. Although Ko-fi and Patreon seem to only support EUR and USD last time I checked, while Liberapay also supports CHF.

I really hate to ask, but if you enjoy my blog and happen to be financially fortunate enough to give away a coffee every month, I’d appreciate it.

If you don’t have much, then I ask you not to donate.