This is a short article to test and announce the use of the WordPress ActivityPub plugin.

For those of you who don’t know, ActivityPub is a popular protocol for decentralized social networks. You may have heard of the “Fediverse” or of “Mastodon”, which is powered by ActivityPub. Software, which supports ActivityPub, can interact with other software on the network which also use ActivityPub (like e.g. different instances of Mastodon).

What this plugin does, as you may have guessed already, is adding support for ActivityPub to WordPress. This means that articles I write here, will also be available on the Fediverse (or rather, a short recap and a link to the full version).

But this means you can, e.g., follow me on my blog directly through the Fediverse (e.g. using Mastodon).

I guess you could call it the modern/noisy version of an RSS feed. :D

If you’re already on fedi (the fediverse), you can follow my articles on my blog here: @sindastra