I just wanted to update an iPhone 6 and noticed it will only go up to 12.4.1!

Turns out Apple is dropping support for iPhone 6 and it won’t get iOS 13. What a pity! I guess that just lowered the value of that old iPhone 6. But to be honest, it was getting old and slow. On the bright side, iPhone 6s will get iOS 13 and I actually updated my old iPhone SE to iOS 13, too!

So that’s good news for people having an iPhone 6s, SE, or better and bad news for anyone that has an iPhone 6 or older. But you can upgrade to, say, an iPhone Xr still, which is what I’d recommend. Or consider switching over to a Samsung Galaxy S10 or S10e, which is a great phone that I recommend if you don’t mind switching over to Android.

Let me know in the comments what you think! :)