I have something to fix that!

The reason is, that other systems like Linux and Mac know that your hardware clock is set to UTC, but Windows treats the clock differently…

How to solve?

Simply tell Windows that your hardware clock is set to UTC by using my simple registry edit found here!

You’ll have to use the x32 or x64 depending on whether you are on 32bit or 64bit Windows. Simply click on “raw” next to the one you need, which will open the file as text in your browser. Then simply press CTRL + S on your keyboard to save the file. Choose desktop as destination and choose file type “All files” in the dialogue.

Then simply double click and run it. When asked if you want to continue, say yes.

You may now delete the file.

Note for Mac users

If you are dual booting with Windows on a Mac, you should have installed the Boot Camp Support Software, which does the above for you. So there is no need to run this on Windows on a Mac manually.