A game I played as a child! 
Have you heard of it?

Oldie but goodie!

I remember playing Tiny Cars 2 as a child. It was one of the first PC games I know. It’s a 2D top-down racing game. The game features special pick-ups on the tracks that give you special abilities like a boost, shooting other cars, protective shields or simply spilling oil onto the track to disable other cars. Great fun!

Screenshot of Tiny Cars 2
Screenshot of Tiny Cars 2

Back then Tiny Cars 2 was shareware that required you to buy the full version. Of course, as a child I couldn’t buy it back then; and sadly nowadays it can’t be bought anymore. But that didn’t keep me from playing the game for many hours. Limited to 4 demo tracks and the “Novice” championship. ;)


However, if you keep winning through all four tracks, a fifth bonus track appears where you’ll finish the championship. Neat!

What’s surprising is that the purchase button in the game still opens a website to Realore Studios’ purchase page for Tiny Cars 2 which is impressive. Sadly that site is now defunct and you can’t actually purchase it, as indicated by a big banner that reads “This website is no longer working.”.

Warning on the old Realore Studios website.

However, you can still get a copy from archive.org (link below) and try it out. :3

It even works within Wine out of the box. ;)

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