Little Racers STREET feels like the modern version of Tiny Cars! 

If you’ve seen my previous post about Tiny Cars 2, you’ll know I played that for hours as a child! Little Racers STREET feels like a modern, 3D version of Tiny Cars (1, not 2). I played that for hours as well and I loved it and can recommend it if you’re into that sort of top-down racing game.

Screenshot of Little Racers STREET

While Little Racers STREET is officially cross-platform, it does not work out of the box on Ubuntu 18.04! But this post will show you a simple fix to get it running.

The problem is that Little Racers STREET needs libreadline6 while Ubuntu 18.04 comes with libreadline7. The solution is stupidly simple: Install libreadline6!

You can get it from the Ubuntu servers here by clicking on one of the mirrors. This will download a package file which you can install by simply opening it.

That’s all there is to it! Little Racers STREET should now run on Ubuntu 18.04!

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