Maybe you became aware that your emails are going straight to your recipient’s junk folder. Of course, you are wondering why. Try this email tester to quickly check for possible issues as to why that might be!

What tester?

There is this email tester called which can help you figure out how “spammy” your emails might be perceived as.

Screenshot of home page of
The home page of with the e-mail address to use for testing.

How it works

When visiting the site, you are greeted with a text box containing an email address ending in Now what you have to do is simply write an email and send it to that address. Once you’ve sent it, wait a few seconds and then click the blue button to check your score.

Screenshot of score 10/10
My email address achieves 10/10! Yay!

At the bottom of the page, you will see details of the tests which you can click on to get additional info.

Screenshot of details
Showing the details of the results.

The reason it says “Your message could be improved” is because I sent an almost empty email. ;)

I hope this helped you out!

Pro Tip: You can actually edit the email address in front of the box to make it longer and more random, before sending to it.