On my previous post I shared how to get Google Play Store apps without Google, and a fourth method is of course to check if the developer or publisher has an official alternative download method.

Signal provides a Google Play Store alternative!

Although an alternative method from the official website exists, Signal.org themselves don’t recommend this if you can get it from the Google Play Store instead. But I think it’s important that users know this option exists in case, for whatever reason, they cannot get the Google Play Store alternative.

Advanced users with special needs can download the Signal APK directly.
Most users should not do this under normal circumstances.

– Signal.org

A huge advantage of this build compared to one you’d extract from the Play Store or a mirror, is that it’s a universal APK, meaning covering multiple platforms and architectures. It is meant to be side loaded to any device and thus chances are higher that this method will just work, compared to a “random” APK from a mirror.

Screenshot of the Signal website providing the APK
Screenshot of the Signal website providing the APK

So, if you can’t get the Google Play Store version, then get it from the official website here instead!

⚠️ Make sure to regularly check for updates! Outdated software can pose a security risk!

You can verify the signing certificate on the APK matches this SHA256 fingerprint:


That’s all there is to it! I hope this helped you out. 😊