[UPDATED] Subscribe to my blog by email!

You can now subscribe to my blog by email, and get notified whenever I post a new article! Simply sign up using the form in the side bar. IMPORTANT UPDATE Turns out email subscription was not only handled by the plugin Jetpack but it also went through their servers. Overall [...]

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I am now on Mastodon(.social)

I am now on Mastodon and I love it! Mastodon Logo This is just a quick post to inform you that I am now on Mastodon! What's Mastodon? Mastodon is like Twitter, but instead of a bird, there's an elephant and instead of a tweet there's a toot! And instead [...]

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Introduce Yourself, Blogger!

This post has been updated on 9th of September. Hello, I am Sindastra and I welcome you to my blog! Who? I am a software developer and now I am trying to start off as a blogger and therefore I created this website right here! Too often did I create [...]

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