Linux Desktop: Enable NUMLOCK on login

By |2020-05-09T05:27:40+02:00May 9th, 2020|Tech Support|

This is just a quick one, as I always find it annoying to not have numlock enable automatically on Linux desktops. Overview (all distros) You will want to install the application numlockx, and then add it to your startup applications (the name and command of the entry being simply numlockx). [...]

Google Analytics Experiment

By |2020-05-07T02:31:54+02:00May 7th, 2020|Meta|

As you probably know I'm in favour of privacy, which is why I use self-hosted Matomo (formerly known as Piwik) for analytics. This allows me to have control over what's gathered, and do analytics without collecting personal data and instead do generic analysis like what posts are being read, are [...]

Add Tor Browser to start menu on Linux

By |2020-05-06T22:05:35+02:00May 6th, 2020|Tech Support|

The Tor Browser for Linux comes as compressed tarball (.tar.xz) which you extract somewhere, however it does not add itself to the start menu. I'll show you how to add it yourself! So let's say you just downloaded tor-browser-linux64-9.0.10_en-US.tar.xz and extracted the folder tor-browser_en-US somewhere (I recommend to extract it [...]

Fix Nextcloud Client Autostart on Linux

By |2020-05-09T04:59:30+02:00May 6th, 2020|Tech Support|

The Nextcloud client does add itself to autostart on Linux, however I don't see a tray icon by default. I'll show you how to fix it. After the installation, Nextcloud creates a bad entry to the "autostart", which needs to be replaced with the correct entry as follows: Go to [...]

Disable SSH host verification for subnet

By |2020-05-05T18:53:05+02:00May 5th, 2020|Tech Support|

Sometimes you have to SSH into different devices with the same IP address, for example when you flash routers with OpenWrt and want to do initial configuration. One annoyance with that is fingerprint checking, as the fingerprint will be different for every new device but the IP will stay the [...]

Auto-unlock encrypted Ubuntu

By |2020-05-01T03:27:42+02:00May 1st, 2020|Tech Support|

This guide is known to work with Ubuntu 18.04 and 20.04. You should be doing this setup as root, which is why I omitted sudo. The idea here is that we'll be copying the keyfile to the initramfs to automatically unlock the system drive, and once we want to destroy [...]

How fast does your Linux system boot?

By |2020-04-29T18:34:56+02:00April 28th, 2020|Tech Support|

You can find out really easily with one simple command: systemd-analyze Which will output something like: Startup finished in 9.708s (firmware) + 3.692s (loader) + 46.909s (kernel) + 13.614s (userspace) = 1min 13.924s reached after 12.063s in userspace So as you can see, my laptop takes ages to boot. [...]

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