Today I will show you where to get TV channel icons and how to configure them in Tvheadend.

Getting the icons

First step is to download icons from here (download SRP full and SNP full) and save them on your Linux box under /home/hts/icons which can be done as follows (SSH and do):

mkdir -p /home/hts/icons
cd /home/hts/icons
wget -c -O snp.txz
wget -c -O srp.txz
tar xf snp.txz
tar xf srp.txz
mv snp-full.220x132-190x102.light.on.transparent_2021-05-07--18-07-55 snp
mv srp-full.220x132-190x102.light.on.transparent_2021-05-07--18-07-55 srp
rm -f snp.txz srp.txz

Now you should have a folder snp and srp inside /home/hts/icons which contains a bunch of PNG files.

Note: If you got permission errors, you might want to try sudo su - hts first.

Configuring Tvheadend

Next step is to log in to your Tvheadend web interface as admin. You can find the interface on http://<IP-ADDRESS>:9981/ and you can use Angry IP scanner if you’re not sure of the IP.

On your web interface go to Configuration > General > Base as seen below:

Tvheadend web interface as admin

Then scroll all the way down until you see the channel icons (Picon) section and set the “Channel icon path” to file:///home/hts/icons/snp/%C.png and “Picon path” to file:///home/hts/icons/srp/ and don’t forget to set “Channel icon name scheme” to “Service name picons” as seen below:

Specifying the paths for the SNP and SRP icons we downloaded

Then click save at the top and we’re almost done!

Note: If you don’t see the “Picon” section, you might have to change the “View level” from “Basic” to “Advanced” (on the top right).

Now we need to set the new icons.

Setting the new channel icons

Go to Configuration > Channel / EPG > Channels

On the bottom right, select the “Channels per page” dropdown and choose “All”

Now select any channel (single click) and then hit control + A (or command + A on a Mac) to select all channels and then hit “Reset Icon” and hit “Save” on the left, as seen below:

Resetting the channel icons to use our new config

Don’t forget to hit save!

Congratulations, you should now have nice channel icons!

That’s all there is to it. Happy TV watching!