Raspberry Pi TV HAT (source: raspberrypi.org)

I just wanted to post a scan file really quick, which includes initial tuning data that can be used with (dvb)scan and tvheadend in Germany.

What’s special about this file is that it includes all possible frequencies for DVB-T2 in Germany. DVB-T2 in Germany is not exactly DVB-T2, or at least it doesn’t fully adhere to the standard. They have their own, called DVB-T2 HD.

DVB-T2 HD, unlike DVB-T2 uses HEVC (H.265) for the video stream. Also, due to legal reasons, DVB-T2 cannot use frequencies above 700 MHz in Germany.

How do I use the scan file and what is it good for?

Just download this file as shown below:

curl https://gist.githubusercontent.com/sindastra/6e95d03024f8bd98f4c73dfe984c8a82/raw | sudo tee /usr/share/dvb/dvb-t/de-All

Or for tvheadend:

curl https://gist.githubusercontent.com/sindastra/6e95d03024f8bd98f4c73dfe984c8a82/raw | sudo tee /usr/share/tvheadend/data/dvb-scan/dvb-t/de-All

Now you can for example use a Raspberry Pi TV HAT in Germany with tvheadend, as seen in the official Raspberry Pi TV HAT Getting Started Guide. Have fun!

Sources: Wikipedia (German) and PiCockpit DVB-T tools