So you want to look into old CP/M, DOS, Windows 3.x or Mac OS 8?
You are at the right place!

I found a great archive, that I wanted to share with you!

The WinWorld archive contains old OS images of installer discs and floppies. Ranging from old OS/2, CP/M and DOS, Windows 1.0 up to Windows 2000 and also includes the old PowerPC images of Mac OS 8, 9 and 10 and other things!

This is of course great if you want to try out one of the old OS in a Virtual Machine, or even need to for running ancient software. Or maybe you just want to restore an old machine for retro or nostalgic reasons? ;)

If you’re looking for a free VM for personal use on Windows or Linux, I recommend VMware Workstation Player. Sadly the Mac version (VMware Fusion) is available as paid only, but you can use the freely available VirtualBox on Mac instead.

The link to the archive by WinWorld is down below, also links to VM software.

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Note that you’re limited to 25 downloads per day, so choose wisely! ;)