I just found a free and more privacy-friendly alternative to Grammarly!

Why not Grammarly?

I never used Grammarly because I think they store too much data and you need an account to use all features. But the problem is that Firefox spell checking does not seem to work inside the WordPress’ Gutenberg editor. So I tried Grammarly and that didn’t work either and I didn’t want to create an account to try “advanced features” so I simply uninstalled it again.

So what’s the alternative?

But I came across an alternative service which is free, and they claim they don’t store your text after checking it. They provide free extensions for Firefox, Chrome and LibreOffice and you don’t need an account. Which already sounds a lot better! And it happens to work fine in the WordPress’ Gutenberg editor.

The alternative is called LanguageTool and I love it so far! The company is seated in Germany, and so are the servers. They promise not to log your text, and they operate in accordance of the GDPR. They also have their stuff open sourced!

Go ahead and give it a try, if you like! ;)

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