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I am now on Mastodon(.social)

I am now on Mastodon and I love it! Mastodon Logo This is just a quick post to inform you that I am now on Mastodon! What's Mastodon? Mastodon is like Twitter, but instead of a bird, there's an elephant and instead of a tweet there's a toot! And instead [...]

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And a Logo for the Blog!

I thought a logo would be nice, so I created one with the software Affinity Designer! Sindastra's info dump Logo revision 1 See the word (letter) play? ;) Pun intended! Took me a few minutes to make, it's nothing special, but it's definitely nicer to have a logo that represents [...]

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Privacy Policy and GDPR

I do care for privacy and security, so of course I had to create a privacy policy (and it's kind of required by the law... but I'm no lawyer)! Turns out WordPress is GDPR compliant since version 4.9.6 (I'm using a newer version, so it's compliant!) and it even includes [...]

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Introduce Yourself, Blogger!

This post has been updated on 9th of September. Hello, I am Sindastra and I welcome you to my blog! Who? I am a software developer and now I am trying to start off as a blogger and therefore I created this website right here! Too often did I create [...]

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