What is Synology LXQt?

A hidden gem, that's what it is! You see, I always liked how Synology has a web interface that is like a desktop, with windows and applications that really make you feel like you're "computing in the cloud". Of course a Synology NAS has its limits as to what you [...]

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How I got into software development…

I just remembered, it was my Mac mini and Apple's software, and WoW that got me into software development. 😳 A bit of background I was a child and all our school machines were Macs… So, for compatibility’s sake I wished for a Mac mini for Christmas of 2007, which [...]

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Build SpigotMC in Docker

I created a Docker image with a build script, ready to use! Pulling my image My Docker image is public on Docker Hub and thus can be pulled easily with the following command (for 1.17): docker pull sindastra/spigotmc-build If you want to build older versions of Spigot (1.11.2 - 1.16.5) [...]

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