Real world Log4j hacks (Minecraft)

You probably heard of the Log4j vulnerability by now, and you probably know that (the original) Minecraft is written in Java, and so is the server, and it uses Log4j. So, Minecraft servers are affected by this. I do run a small Minecraft server network ( but I haven't had [...]

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YouTube is deleting your comments

Comments not found You might have heard by now that YouTube is deleting user comments, perhaps you commented on one of my videos and your comment disappeared unexectedly... Let me assure you, I have not deleted any comments at all so far. Background I started my YouTube channel about two [...]

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Windows 11 Special Product Keys

So, Windows 11 is out! Time to share some special product keys. But please note: These are not normal product keys, if you think you can just use them to activate Windows, you're very wrong! These are product keys that are either temporary (for up- or down-grades) or keys that [...]

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Google’s Advanced Protection Program is a joke

Today, I wanted to sign in to one of my old Google accounts. And like all my Google accounts, this one also uses Google's Advanced Protection Program. If you don't know, Google's Advanced Protection Program is a thing you can enable for your Google account which enforces the use of [...]

By |2021-09-10T16:38:46+02:00September 10th, 2021|Sharing|1 Comment

ProtonMail dots, hyphens and underscores

I just found an undocumented feature in ProtonMail... which I thought you might find useful to know. Backstory I use ProtonMail as my primary email hosting provider nowadays, as it gives me convenient PGP encryption across my devices, and all incoming emails that are not already PGP encrypted will be [...]

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Linux and the magic of pcspkr

Background If you grew up in the 90s you might remember "PC Speakers", not to be confused with "computer speakers", the ones that you plug into a 3.5mm jack and use to listen to things, and instead I mean those small built-in speakers that could play basic sounds, and with [...]

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